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Happy New Year, Planet Earth!

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New year, new me - 2018 is gonna be my year, I can feel it! Jokes. I'm 97% sure that I'm still the same cretin as a I was yesterday, albeit with a mighty hangover and a little less dignity (who knew that was even possible?). To prove my point, here's a few predictions about my current state (because I'm being an Organised Olivia and writing this post well in advance): I am probably slumped somewhere near a toilet, crying softly with crusty mascara halfway down my face. You can see if this is accurate on my Instagram stories xo

Attractive images aside, I've always been a fan of New Years Resolutions because I love any opportunity to start afresh and I live in constant hope that one day I'll become a productive member of society. However, I can safely say that I've never actually achieved a New Years Resolution because I usually forget all about them by about January 12th. (Case in point: last year's post) But, ever the optimist, I'm having another go this year and I've decided that slightly elaborating on each resolution will help me to remember them. I'm also calling them "goals" or a "to do list" in the hope that I'll be more motivated to follow through.

There's also only four of them because I can't count any higher than that.

  1. Film more: In 2018 I'll be launching my own beauty Youtube channel! Just kidding (again) - I can't even do my own eyeliner properly. I am, however, going to make a concerted effort to film my travels and adventures; and make an even more concerted effort to edit those clips into something watchable. I've got about 3000 clips from India and Thailand on various memory sticks just calling out to be edited.

  2. Fitness hype: 2017 was the year that I sort of started enjoying exercise. Admittedly I'm still one of the laziest people on the planet and I'll use any excuse I can to avoid working out, but I'm making it my mission this year to stay on track . . . even if I'm just using it as a reason to spend my life savings on Lorna Jane.

  3. Read more: "More, more, more! How do you like it? How do you like it?" - Rachel Stevens. Seriously though, I am a 70 year old woman trapped in a 24 year old's body so it only makes sense for me to aspire to read more. Again, like with my exercise, I do go through phases when it comes to reading but as I'm hoping to transform into a real adult, I'll be incorporating reading into my bedtime routine. (And this 'resolution' is my easy-kinda-cheating one so I can say that I've achieved something this year).

  4. Keep up my skincare routine: After my whopping skincare sesh on the flight over to Tassie, I'm committed to continue this regime not least because I've spent so much money on it. I hope to become a slave to my anti-aging creams and endeavour to look like a 3 year old come 2019. If you are interested on what I did on a 33 hour flight, the full skincare routine post will be up tomorrow AM ASAP Rocky.

That's all for today, folks! God speed! Let's see if this time next year I'll be a fitness-beauty-vlogging-bookworm . . . and if this is not the case, let's never mention this post again.