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Best of 2017

That's a wrap, folks! (2.0)

Can you believe it's that time again? I'm still writing 2016 but here we are: another 12 months has whizzed by without me noticing. 2017 has been a mixed bag if I'm honest, but I'm really only here for the positives ✨

So without further ado, here's the best of 2017!


2017 kicked off with my backpacking trip down Australia's east coast. What was meant to be a two-week trip turned into a month-long affair and ignited my love for the Sunny Coast ☼ I'm currently putting together a few itineraries for the East Coast, so keep your eyes peeled!


Eesh at the beginning of Feb I bid farewell to Melbourne and headed two hours north to Shepparton to begin my farm work. It didn't go too well, surprise surprise. Despite have no internet, I did manage to write the short-lived 'Farm Work Diaries' series.


I moved to the Sunshine Coast! This is hands down the best decision I've ever made and - without getting to mushy - I made some of my best friends here. I've actually written remarkably little about my time here, so that will be changing come 2018!


Oh boy, oh boy. Hereth begineth strawberry season. Absolute bloody torture, I tell ya! Big shout out to my girl Ellie though: without you I'd never have survived, so thank you for some of the best (yet most painful) weeks of my life <3


The arrival of Popsicle! May was a great month: Poppy and I visited Australia Zoo, beach-hopped up the Sunny Coast, sailed around the Whitsundays, flew to Darwin and began our epic road trip to Perth.


After over 5000km we arrived in Perth! I ticked another thing off of my Aussie bucket list by going to Rottnest Island to see the quokkas: SO CUTE. From Perth we flew to Melbs, went to the Winter Night Market and I got to see my very first AFL game! Hurrah!


I'm in a plane . . . I'm jumping out of a plane! Yes, I went skydiving and it was insane. I also went whale watching for Ellie's birthday, which was equally exciting.


I ran a 5k and I am still recovering. One of my many great ideas that suddenly doesn't seem so great on the day . . . anyway, I got a visor and a medal so I'm very happy.


September marks the start of Magpie Season - when every trip outside becomes a life or death mission. It also marked the start of Alyssa and my 'breakfast club' and quest to try every açai bowl in Noosa before we left.


A crazy, stressful month full of prosecco and visa applications. At the end of the month I marked my first Aussie-versary but before that we took a team trip to one of Kevin's shows, spent the month jumping into the pool fully clothed, and I squeezed in two 'city breaks' to Alex Heads and the Gold Coast before my time was up.


Bali, baby! I finally got myself over to Indonesia and was lucky enough to spend just over two weeks in this beautiful country with some fabulous girls. I flew out just before Mt Agung erupted - how's that for timing?! You'll have seen plenty of pics from the trip on my Instagram, and come 2018 you'll be able ot read about it too!


It snowed. Twice. I wish I was joking. After my reluctant return to the UK I spent the month being a very glamorous temp and complaining bitterly about the cold. I also ventured into the world of vegan baking, to surprisingly rave reviews. The end of the month has, of course, brought Christmas and my flight back home to Australia.

On to the next!