A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Day Five

Start: Broome - Finish: Fortescue River Roadhouse | Distance: 931km approx. |

Success! We've found somewhere smaller than Timber Creek! It's called Sandfire and it is literally just one petrol station! I kid you not. Sandfire makes Timber Creek look like Mexico City. Note to future travellers: just because somewhere appears on a map and warrants the green roadside km signs, doesn't mean it's actually a place. I even saw Sandfire labelled on a sparsely labelled German map of Australia in Perth - madness.

We had planned to make a stop at Eighty Mile Beach but, having driven parallel to it for almost eighty miles, the only route we saw to it was down a bumpy, unsealed road (aka 4WD territory). Sadly this meant that we did have to abort mission.

As the day progressed and it became apparent that we were cruising through all of our target destinations (over-achievers, say whaaaat) we just kept driving until we reached the Fortescue River Roadhouse. A glorified petrol station. There was a dodgy looking campsite behind the petrol station - think crusty caravans and weirdos - and the guy inside the petrol station actually pointed us in the direction of a free campsite just along the road (deserted, under a creepy bridge). To be fair I didn't actually see any weirdos, or people at all, but I still turned my snobby little nose up at it. Instead, being cheapskates, we were allowed to just pull up in the corner of the forecourt next to a creepy-yet-gaudy shrine for someone whom, I presume, met their fate in the exact spot where we slept. Sorry Mum, Dad, and Sammy. Would I have stayed here after watching Wolf Creek? Probably not. Would I recommend staying here? Also probably not - just stay in Karratha which is about an hour further north.

Good news, we did both survive the night drama-free! We also took full advantage of the bathroom to wash our dishes. Sneaky, sneaky. You're in for a treat on Friday, my loyal readers, we're off to snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef!