A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Day Three

Start: Wyndham - Finish: Fitzroy Crossing | Distance: 659km approx. |

Greetings and welcome to Day Three!

We had set ourselves the ambitious task of reaching Broome today, but alas it was not meant to be. For the second time in this trip the journey took almost double the time it was meant to. Whoops.

Sadly we only made it to Fitzroy Crossing (via Hall's Creek). Neither towns were particularly interesting, but we did see a lot of wild horses along the way, which made up for it.

With regards to the campsite, there was a slight green frog infestation in the toilets. Like, actually in the individual toilets. Crawling around the toilet bowl. Unfortunately for my bladder, I had to abandon all hopes of going to the toilet that night.

Just a short post today, but there's a whopper of an update coming on Monday . . . it's the day I discovered Broome (and boy oh boy, did it exceed expectations).

Bye bye xo


**EDITED 15/06/17: Have added photographic evidence of frogs in the toilet at the end of the post, as requested by Helen.