A Little Homesick
The Graduate Escape


Month #10


Double digits, baby! It's time for the big 1-0!

I think the publishing of this post marks a new PB in terms of lateness - we're actually 3 days shy of Month #11 but better late than never! Life kinda got in the way: work, training for a 5k, some family issues, writer's block . . . but a convenient 4 1/2 hour layover in Singapore airport means I'm actually getting around to posting everything that I've been meaning to!

So it's been ten whole months since I left the soggy shores of the UK to "find myself" as a vast majority of graduates these days do. You may - or more likely may not - be surprised to hear that I still haven't exactly "found myself". I've got no idea what I'm doing, where I'm going, or even what day of the week it is really. I'm just going with the flow and hoping for the best.

Anyway, for my tenth birthday I vaguely

remember going to Nandos and really hating it because it was too spicy. A truly traumatising experience. You may be thinking that I partook in a similar experience for my blog's ten-month birthday . . . you'd be wrong. Instead, I joined a gym. Ha ha ha. Jokes on me.

But let's not dwell on my silly decisions, instead let's take a look at what I've been up to . . . 


In a more mundane vein, I started my new job. I now spend my days driving a 12-seater minibus around town. So far so good, although I'd recommend avoiding the Noosa area between the hours of 9 and 6 if you can at all help it.

But seriously, it's nice to have a home base for once. I actually got to unpack my clothes for the first time in oooh five months? I can also - finally - partake in a multitude of middle-aged past times, such as buying spices and stocking up on condiments! It's the small things in life.

This month's most notable activity (who am I kidding? Probably this year's most notable activity) involved me jumping out of a plane. Little uncomfortable-climbing-ladders-Sarah jumped out of a plane at 14,000ft. Absolute madness, and yes there will be a blog post coming about this.

In short: it was amazing. The photos of my face during the skydive? Not so amazing.


Enough of the past! Let's get back to the future.

As I mentioned earlier, Month #11 is nearly upon us and it's been a fairly busy month by my standards. I've just survived my first 5k, I've had my first run-ins with angry, swooping magpies, and I'm heading back to the UK for a very brief visit. I tell ya, the fun never stops in my life!

In terms of blog posts, I'm approximately 3 trillion years behind; and although at the beginning of this post I said that I had planned to dedicate the next 4 1/2 hours to catching up, there's a jazz pianist in the bar below me who's making me feel like I'm on the Titanic and is enticing me towards the bar like the Pied Piper. Is that a gin and tonic I hear, calling my name?