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Month #5

It's that time again . . . here comes the fifth monthly round up!

It's been a while. I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now. - Britney Spears, Break the Ice (2007)

A month-long hiatus? Shut the front door! For probably the third time since I started this blog, I disappeared for a few weeks - I am sorry. I've actually had really good reasons: the first time I became suddenly homeless, the second time I was travelling with awful wifi, and this time I was plunged into a wifi-less world to start my regional work for my second visa. I *naively* assumed that the place I'd be staying would have a good ol' internet connection so I'd be able to update you on the realities of farm life, but no. Fear not, though! I've escaped to Melbourne for the weekend so will be scheduling posts like a mad woman!

So what's been happening?

Since we last spoke, I've racked up a whopping 17 days on the farm . . . work on the main farm has dried up but luckily I've been sent to another farm for a couple of weeks and my word, it's great! It's a smaller, family run place and the owners are super nice (they bring us ice cream and cake), plus we get the famed 7 day sign off for a mere 4 1/2 days work! Hallelujah! Sadly there's only a week of work left at the fab farm until April, so I'm not exactly sure where I'll be heading in the next few weeks :(

What's coming up?

I will be spending the next few weeks praying to the apple gods to deliver a bountiful harvest and therefore a 6-days-a-week-10-hours-a-day working week. If the apple gods do not deliver, I'll be on the move again - probably back up north, somewhere near the sea for the foreseeable future.

To conclude

Usually I like to share some photos with you, but I haven't really taken any this month . . . instead I'll let you know what you've got to look forward to! I'll be writing up my Sydney posts, along with Noosa and Sunshine Coast, and finally my Melbourne posts from December. I have been slacking. I'll also be hoping to restart my fabulous newsletter and there'll be a 'Farm Work Diaries' series starting on Fridays too. Until next month, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep packing (apples)!

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