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Month #8

Monthly Roundup 8.0

Let's go

I could’ve sworn when I counted how long I’d been away this morning it was nine months, but then again it was dark so I couldn’t see how many fingers I was holding up. Sadly this means you’ll have to wait another four weeks for all my hilarious pregnancy-related jokes and I’ll have to hurriedly think of some more witty remarks for this month.


So what’s been happening?

I quit my job, moved house, packed up my belongings and went travelling. Spontaneous Saz is here to stay, ya’ll! I’ll quickly fill you in in case you’re interested or I haven’t spoken to you recently.


The new job that I told you about last month didn’t work out. To be honest I’d had my reservations all along, but I was desperate for money so gave it a shot. I was working 10+ hours a day, only being paid commission, and I was having to work in some pretty shady places (think wandering around alone after dark in strange neighbourhoods, meth heads, the full Monty). Nuh uh, not for me. Still flat out broke, exhausted, and not a happy bunny, I quit.


Unfortunately this meant my proposed week-long stay with Sammy the Saviour turned into almost three weeks . . . I say unfortunately but my god, his house is incredible. Quite conveniently he also had to go back to work, so I got a lil promotion and was upgraded from couch to bedroom. To Sam and housemates: I am eternally grateful <3 <3


Having quit my job, I went into a full financial panic and decided to use up the last of my savings and go travelling again. My friend Poppy, whom I met in India and spent Australia Day with, had already mentioned that she was wanting to do a bit of the East Coast before going back home so I decided to join her. I thought I’d also throw the possibility of going to Darwin then driving down to Adelaide into the mix, and to my surprise she was crazy enough to agree. Anyway, we spent a delightful two days on the Sunny Coast, spent a day at Australia Zoo, then headed up to the Whitsundays for a bit of sailing. What financial crisis, Sarah? Being very Organised Olivia’s, we spent the day before our sailing trip planning our trip to Darwin and then our onward travel. To our dismay there were no relocation campers from Darwin down to Alice, only from Alice up. There was, however, a relocation camper from Darwin to Perth . . . so guess where we’re going!


WA, baby!

I am so excited. Honestly, I’d been planning to drive from Perth to Broome later this year or next, once I’d sorted out my visa and got some money behind me; but the universe works in mysterious ways so I’m going there a lot quicker. It’s quite the undertaking: we’ve got 8 days to cover 4148km. Are we crazy? Yes, we are. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of driving and a really whistle-stop tour of the west coast, but I can always revisit it later at a more leisurely pace. I’ll go into more details about cost, companies, etc., later but we’re paying absolute pennies for the transport and accommodation so I really can’t complain! From Perth I’m flying to Melbourne for a few nights, then I’ll head back home to the Sunny Coast to complete my farm work and begin the all-important task of finding a husband. I mean, job. Finding a job.


On the blogging front:

I promise this every month: but I am actually going to try and keep up with blogging this time around. Obviously my current travels will conveniently provide me with enough stories to tell, but I’m also going to be writing a bit more about life on the working holiday visa and the whole emigrating to Oz saga. I might even change my layout – how exciting!